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Oslo Budo Kwai offers JKA Shotokan Karate in a good training environment with skilled and experienced instructors. We have start-ups for beginners in the beginning of each semester and advanced level belts are also welcome. Most people who start practicing karate have a desire of learning self-defense and to build up their physical strength, indeed good reasons to start practicing it. However, karate over time develops into a lifestyle/hobby/activity that one cannot be without and thus the reason why age or gender doesn’t constitute a barrier in this sport. If you are worried about getting injured, you can relax, karate builds up your physical and mental strength which helps you to avoid injuries and to remain calm in stressed situations. Oslo Budo Kwai offers you an all-around, challenging and social way of training under guidance of our best instructors. Karate is characterized by stamina, strength and flexibility and is exercised by all ages. You don’t need to be in top physical shape or able to do full splits in order to start practice karate with us, the main importance is a positive attitude and curiosity for something new, the other develops over time.


Karate trainig is based on the three following main foundations:

1. Kihon (basics) – In kihon you practice basic karate techniques in a strict manner (blocks, punches and kicks)

2. Kata (form) – A kata is a sequence of combined blocks, punches and kicks where you train your body to react in a special way in a simulated fight situation. In addition, you strive for perfectionism and develop your mental focus when performing a kata.

3. Kumite (fight) – In kumite you practice free-fight (under controlled forms) against your sparring partner and use the techniques you have learned from kihon and kata. In the training hall (dojo) we train in white suits (Gi) but as a beginner it is enough if you wear a pair of track trousers and a t-shirt. For more information, you can email us or contact one of our instructors. You can also visit JKA Norway or JKA’s official website to read more about our style, Shotokan, and take part of its history and purpose.



We are training at Dansekunstskolen, Marstrandsgt 8, in the former Nidar Bergene chocolate factory, nearby Carl Berners plass.Dansekunstskolen is on the 3rd floor and there si a sing over the door: Rom for dans.

Public transportation by buss 31 or tram 17 to Carl Berners plass. it is also possible to get there by tram 11, 12, 13 to Birkelunden. For more info visit



Training autumn 2014:


Monday 19.30- 21.00

Wednesday 19.30-21.00

Friday 17.30-19.00



Monthly trainingfee is 400 NOK




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